Recruitment and Selection

Every firm seeks to fill positions with qualified individuals who will succeed in the organization and be a good fit on a long term basis. This is easier said than done.

KMJ can help your organization create an approach to recruiting and selecting individuals to fill positions that will make a genuine contribution to your organizationís success. Our expertise includes an understanding of cost effective recruiting for positions at all levels, as well as, valid methods of selection and placement.

This includes:

  • Employment applications and legal compliance in all aspects of recruitment and selection
  • Cost effective and results-oriented recruiting to assure a rich pool of candidates (internal and external) to fill vacant positions
  • Preparation of recruiting methods and job advertisements
  • Use of external resources: search and placement firms, college recruiting, and relationships with professional and vocational organizations
  • Web based recruiting approaches and the internet
  • Internal job posting programs
  • Training managers on how to conduct effective interviews that will result in good selection decisions and which are in full compliance with state and federal laws
  • Thorough background and reference checks
  • Verification of employee eligibility requirements and I-9 verification