Training and Development

KMJ can help organizations determine their training and development needs. This is reflected in the quality of the products and services provided to clients and customers and the performance of each employee. Targeted and focused training programs can help generate significant improvement in productivity and customer service.

An effective approach to Training and Development in an organization entails the following:

  • A thorough and consistent orientation program must be implemented which welcomes a new employee to the firm and establishes mutual expectations.
  • The specific training needs in departments and for individual employees must be assessed.
  • Performance improvement goals and objectives for departments, work groups and individuals must be established.
  • Succession plans can be carefully prepared which identify individuals as potential replacements for incumbents in specific positions, and the training and development steps necessary to assure that they will be qualified for advancement within an agreed upon time frame.
  • Career plans should be prepared which reflect a joint effort and commitment between employees and management for skill enhancement and personal development.
  • A targeted and skill-based training program must be delivered (internally or externally) on a timely basis by knowledgeable and competent instructors.